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  1. Staal R.G.W., Weinstein J., Nattini M., Cajina M., Chandresana G., Mӧller T. (2017  Senicapoc: Repurposing a Drug to Target Microglia KCa3.1 in Stroke, Neurochem. Int.

  2. Staal R.G.W., Khayrullina T., Zhang H., Davis S., Fallon S.M., Cajina M., Nattini M.E., Hu A., Zhou H., Poda S.B., Stevin Zorna, Chandrasena G., Dale E, Cambpell B., Rønn L.C.B., Munro G., Mӧller T. (Published online 2017) Inhibition of the potassium channel KCa3.1 by senicapoc reverses tactile allodynia in rats with peripheral nerve injury. Eur J Pharmacol. 795:1-7.

  3. McDonough A. and Weinstein J.R.. Neuroimmune Response in Ischemic Preconditioning.  Neurotherapeutics, (2016), 13(4): 748-761.

  4. Dale E., Staal R.G.W., Eder C., Möller T. (2016) KCa 3.1-a microglial target ready for drug repurposing? Glia 64:1733-1741.

  5. Hamner M.A., Ye Z., Lee R.V., Colman J.R., Le T., Gong D.C., Ransom B.R. and Weinstein J.R. Ischemic Preconditioning in White Matter: Magnitude and Mechanism. Journal of Neuroscience (2015) 25:35 (47): 15599-611. PMID: 26609155

  6. Weinstein J.R., Quan Y., Hanson J.F., Colonna L., Iorga M., Honda S., Shibuya K., Shibuya A., Elkon K.B. and Möller T. IgM-Dependent Phagocytosis in Microglia Is Mediated by Complement Receptor 3, Not Fcα/μ Receptor. Journal of Immunology (2015), 1:195(11): 5309-17. PMID: 26500348 


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